Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Memory Quilt

We received a beautiful memory quilt on Saturday from Over the Top Quilting and the timing could not have been more perfect! We will be moving the week following Mother's Day and I have been really apprehensive about packing up Cooper's room.

It will feel so strange to live in a new place that Cooper never knew, but it doesn't feel right to put his room back together in a new place either. There were certain pieces of clothing and bedding that were just so Cooper and I couldn't imagine passing them on to someone else. Taking those pieces and turning them into a quilt has kind of created an adult size security blanket. I can't stop touching the blocks or running my fingers over all of the loopty-loos! The whimsical stitching reminds me of a roller-coaster, which is more than fitting. When I'm all snuggled up it almost feels like I'm just hanging out in his room.

I think that all quilts tell a story and this one certainly doesn't lack in content as it was created from Cooper's t-shirts, onesies, socks, diaper covers, his bath towels, sheets, crib skirt, and even the dragonflies off of his baby mobile. Chris and Susan handled Cooper's things with such respect and care, and I was so touched by their genuine interest in his life. They have done a remarkable job! As I wrap myself up in memories so many different things seemingly jump off the quilt... of course there are the obvious things like where we went or what we experienced, but there are also things that no one else would know like how many different brands of shirts we had to try before finding one with a big enough neck hole to fit over his head! There's the mobile that I just had to have for Cooper's room which wouldn't you know, was backordered. It finally arrived in the mail two days before Cooper was born. All of these little things bring on the happy tears, laughter, the warm and fuzzies and memories that will forever be a part of us.

Chris and Susan blog about the stories behind the quilts they make. They recently posted more pictures and a bit about the creation that has become Cooper's Quilt.


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