Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I love to write. It helps me release the adrenalin born with a new thought. I suppose writing in the sand has become my own variation of message in a bottle. I'm able to let it out and let it go.

The last trip we took with Cooper was to the beach in celebration of his second birthday. On the last day of our trip David, Cooper and I took pictures of our feet in the sand; our little family of three. We wrote Cooper's name in the sand and said goodbye to the beach. It was later that day when we arrived home, not yet unpacked, Cooper turned shades of blue all the way down to his belly button. He stopped breathing for five minutes. It was terrifying and we thought he had earned his wings at that very moment. I started to cry, holding him in the rocking chair with David kneeling beside us. Cooper took in a giant gasp and started to breathe again on his own. He stayed with us for eight more days. In a quiet moment of retreat, David, Cooper and I were swinging under the tree in our backyard. It was there that Cooper peacefully took his last breath.

Writing Cooper's name in the sand has stuck with me. Perhaps that day was a bridge connecting one chapter to another. Something we did only once together, yet a way to continue to remember. If I'm holding onto something, I feel like I can write it in the sand and let the waves literally wash it way. The waves, symbolic messengers that will carry my thoughts to the point where the water meets the sky.

I have been fortunate to visit the beach a few times since then, but never put the messages together until today.  By starting with Cooper's name it's much like the beginning of a letter, waiting to be written.


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