Thursday, May 19, 2011

7,000 bracelets of hope

Most days I don't really give much thought to checking the mail, but every now and then there is a sweet unexpected surprise among the anticipated bills and weekly advertisements. Yes, postal mail. It takes time to address an envelope and requires a moment of thought for contents which makes it all that much more special. We live in an older neighborhood where mailboxes hang on the front porch and letter carriers actually walk from door to door. It's charming and neighborly and today, delightful!


A few months ago I registered for the Global Genes Project 7,000 bracelets of hope campaign. It was World Wide Rare Disease Day and I thought the bracelets were a brilliant idea for raising awareness of rare diseases and spreading hope.

Hope, as involved as finding a cure, or as simple as the warm and fuzzies, to know someone is thinking about families touched by rare disease. Today it appeared in the mail, a little reminder that we are not alone. An unexpected surprise with impeccable timing.

A special thank you to the thoughtful woman who made and donated the bracelet I received.

It's beautiful and I will wear it with pride.


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